Asian Art is all about the beauty of old and contemporary spirit of artwork. Our fine collection of  paintings, jewelry, antiques and collectibles come from a long experience of finding the unique, and that is why every piece has its own time story, whether we know it or not! From China and Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia, our collection represents the way porcelain and art in general has changed and evolved through history and culture. We welcome you to browse our unique pieces of art collection and find the one that inspires you.

Asian Art is divided into four major sections: Chinese Art, Southeast Asian Art, Paintings and Jewelry. You will find many categories to explore within these four sections. 

In Chinese art you will find antique objects from Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties and other unique collectibles.

The Southeast Asian art category features several sections, including Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and other Southeast Asian countries porcelain, ceramics, terracotta, fabrics, semi precious stones and wood objects, selected with passion to match all the desires and tastes.

Paintings category will give you the option to choose the favorite piece of art out of a very good selection of old and contemporary Bali and Java painters’ art work. You will be nice impressed about the thematic and style variety of our collection.

In Jewelry you will find a special collection of pendants, bracelets, rings & earrings made out of silver,  broken pieces of old Chinese porcelain and antique glass or terracotta bids. Meanwhile you will be impressed by a very unique selection of old original Indonesian jewelry originated from Bali, Java, Sulawesi, Timor, Sumba, Kalimantan, Sumatra and Irian Jaya.

Enjoy Asian Art and let your imagination work. Who craft this beautiful plate or vase or this unique terracotta statue? Who is the painter of this beautiful landscape thematic? The mystery of the old and contemporary  craftsmen, their culture, their talent and their personal style involved in the art of creation with the power of uniqueness and personal touch. Let the magic of art interfering with you and add your collection one of these timeless unique objects.